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Dear Consumer, you're fired up. We get it. 🤬

You’re told to do your bit. Take action. Ask brands #WhoMadeMyClothes. But when you do, you’re ignored. Blocked. Censored. 
You’re tired of the fashion industry’s dirty laundry – we are too.
So let’s do something about it together.

Why All Things Considered?

Because we need more transparency.

These days, every brand has some sort of sustainability claim and it can be hard to figure out who’s truly walking the talk. AllTC was created to encourage transparency in businesses for the benefit of people and planet. And what better industry to start with than fashion?

An easy to use impact platform for consumers who give a sh*t 💪

Delivering a single view of industry sustainability

We collate all aspects of the ethics and sustainability of fashion brands so you can quickly and easily consider their impact before making a purchase.

Amplifying voices through votes

Your feedback not only helps brands understand how their sustainability efforts are publicly perceived, but also raises the bar on the fashion industry as a whole. When you vote on ALLTC, you get to have your say with instant, structured feedback.

Profiling ALL pockets of the industry

We go beyond brands to include profiles on industry certifications, initiatives, innovations and tools. Learn how each Association fosters sustainability in the fashion industry, check out which brands they’re aligned with, and of course, have your say about them.

Facilitating productive convos

We’re not here to shame or call out brands. Instead, we want to facilitate a conversation between customers and brands about how the industry can do better. It’s about cultivating collective action – something that the fashion industry is missing right now.

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